Prepare for a weekend filled with learning new technologies, pushing your limits, and making new friends.

CodeRED Artemis will feature three tracks: One General Track and two Sponsored Tracks. Teams can submit their projects to one of these tracks for a chance to win one of the great prizes for that track. Teams will also have a chance to win Side Quests (more detail below).

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  • You are allowed to enter ONE (1) submission for consideration by the judges. 
  • Source code via GitHub repository (preferred) or compressed .zip
  • Please be prepared to demo your submission to the judges via Discord.
  • Please include the following information in the description for your submission:
    • Inspiration for your submission
    • What your submission does
    • How you built it
    • Challenges that you ran into, and how you overcame them
    • Accomplishments that you're proud of
    • What's next for your product?
  • (Optional) Anything else you want to include

Hackathon Sponsors


$9,680 in prizes

1st Place Safety Challenge

iPad Air

2nd Place Safety Challenge

Nintendo Switch

3rd Place Safety Challenge

Apple Air Pods

1st Place Visualization Challenge

Sennheiser Wireless headphones

2nd Place Visualization Challenge

Raspberry Pi Kit

3rd Place Visualization Challenge

Razer Pro Keyboard

1st Place General Challenge

$150 Gift Cards

2nd Place General Challenge

$70 Gift Cards

3rd Place General Challenge

$50 Gift Cards

Best UI | Side Quest

Best use of Google Cloud | Side Quest

Best use of echoAR | Side Quest

Most impactful to DE&I | Side Quest

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jake Skidmore

Jake Skidmore
Cloud Security Analyst | ConocoPhillips

Matt Holmes

Matt Holmes
Advisor, IT Recruiting Strategy | ConocoPhillips

Eduardo Arzate

Eduardo Arzate
Apigee API Engineer | ConocoPhillips

Adam Black
Product Manager | HCSS

Kishan Patel
Director of Product Management | HCSS

Will Killian

Will Killian
Technical Development Manager | HCSS

Deepesh Jain

Deepesh Jain
Director, Software Development | PROS

Jennifer Plummer
Manager, Product Development | PROS

Jose Vargas

Jose Vargas
Software Developer | CAPCO

Jeremy Sheriff

Jeremy Sheriff
Business Analyst | CAPCO

Alon Grinshpoon

Alon Grinshpoon
CEO | echoAR

Aron Laszka

Aron Laszka
Assistant Professor | University of Houston

Marzia Cescon

Marzia Cescon
Prof. - Mechanical Engineering | University of Houston

Judging Criteria

  • Accessibility
    How accessible is the project to the general public? Are there any limitations for certain geographic/demographic?
  • Innovation
    Was the project like nothing you have seen before? Did it use a particularly clever technique? Did it use many different components in a unique way? Did the technology involved make you go "Wow"?
  • Scalability
    Is the project physically sustainable or on a path to become one to be given seed funding? Does the project have the capability to incorporate and support additional business processes?
  • Extensibility
    Is the project capable of incorporating new features and new technologies? Can it add/incorporate new features based on business/user requirements.
  • Presentation
    Did the team clearly explain the problem and their solution?

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